Expense Assistant v1.1

Expense tracking for the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet (Maemo)
Main Screen

Track all your expenses. Each column is sortable. Use the Add/Edit/Delete buttons to update this list.
Edit Screen

The edit screen is where you enter your expense data. Select the category, currency and type from the drop down lists. Change the date by pushing the button showing the date. You can add and remove categories, currencies and types by using the '+' and '-' buttons. You can not remove currencies or types if they are currently in use by one or more of your expenses. If you try to remove a category that has expenses assigned to it, you will be asked if you wish to remove all expenses in that category.
Preferences Screen

You can filter which categories to view in the main window. You can also rename categories.

You can export your filtered or unfiltered expense list to a file. The file is in CSV (comma-separated-format). There may be problems importing the CSV file into other applications if your expenses, categories, or types have double-quotes or commas.

Your data will be backed up when you run the Backup utility and select 'Document Files'.