GnuCash Reporting v0.1.0

GnuCash Reporting for all platforms
DOWNLOAD for Java 8
DOWNLOAD for Java 11

GnuCash Reporting

GnuCash Reporting is a prototype application which provides better reporting for GnuCash.
This is a standalone application that runs on any operating system that supports Java.
This application is designed to be easy to use: It asks the user a simple question, like "How much did I spend on" something in the last month or the last year, then generates a simple report.

GnuCash Reporting opens the GnuCash database in 'read-only' mode to avoid corrupting your data, just in case :-)

Problems Solved

GnuCash's built-in reporting could be better. The goal is to solve these GnuCash problems:



Known Issues


View expense reports. View per month, per year, or compare with last month/last year.

View budget reports. View monthly or cumulative. Compare budget vs. actual expenses for this year or last year. Compare individual expense or all expenses together.


Open a database

Select a question from the left column.

Select parameters for your report

Submit your query and view your report


There is no installer. Double click the downloaded .jar file to start the application. (On Unix you will need to set the 'executable' bit).
Requires Java 8 and JavaFX. Java 11 removed JavaFX from the runtime. Some unix JVMs also might not have JavaFX. You can install openjfx from To run GnuCashReporting using java 11 jre and openjfx: Here (DOWNLOAD) is a jar file for Java 11 that includes the JavaFx libraries and can be run by using JRE 11 or greater:

Release Notes

0.1.0 - initial release of GnuCash Reporting