MLB Scoreboard v3.0.3

Real time MLB scoreboard for all platforms
Live game action is shown in a small desktop window. Select the arrows on either side of the date to pick the previous or next date.

Click on the MLB logo to go to Click the team name to go to the MLB game page (before, during or after the game).

Click in any empty area of the window and drag to move the scoreboard to the desired location on your desktop.

Written in Java to run on any platform.

Choose 'Pick Teams' from the menu

Select a single team by clicking on your favorite team's name.

Multiple teams can be selected. Select all the teams you want to follow using Ctl+Click or Command+Click on Mac.
There is no installer. Double click the downloaded .jar file to start the application. (On Unix you will need to set the 'executable' bit).

Requires Java 6 or greater.
Release Notes

3.0.3 - Cleveland Guardians
3.0.2 - mlb: fix gameday links for teams with spaces in names (White Sox...)
3.0.1 - mlb: handle postponed games
3.0.0 - changed data feed
2.0.5 - changes to runner data
2.0.4 - returning new game status keyword for 2018
2.0.3 - minor bug fix
2.0.2 - initial release of MLB Scoreboard